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How to Reduce Your Business Water Consumption

Reducing your water consumption will bring down your business water rates, however, you’re probably thinking, “But I need to use this amount of water, so how can I reduce the consumption?”.

This may be the case but you must look into how you are currently consuming water; many businesses are woefully wasteful and don’t realise it.

Here are a few tips to reduce your water consumption immediately:

  • Use smart water meters – you can set water targets and monitor your water usage on a weekly basis.
  • Insulate your water pipes to reduce the risk of them cracking or bursting, reducing the chance of a water leak.
  • Analyse your current water bills – find out where you have spikes and identify what’s causing them.
  • Carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure you’re running as efficiently as possible.

For long-term water-saving strategies, here are a few ideas to implement over the next few months to ensure efficient water usage:

  • Purchase automatic water taps – triggered by a sensor.
  • Use rainwater harvesting devices.
  • Create a water recycling infrastructure that will help you to use both rainwater and greywater.
  • Implement a sensored irrigation system to control your water flow.
  • Apply efficient flushing systems to all of your toilets.

Business water wastage and water leakage

One major water-consuming issue is water leaks, a problem many businesses won’t notice as they do not monitor their usage or check their water bills. A leaking water pipe can cause you to consume large amounts of unnecessary water consumption.

In 2016/2017 it was reported 3.1 billion litres were lost due to leakage in England and Wales (Source: CCWater). This is a huge amount of water that both takes its toll on business profits and the environment. Make routine checks of your piping and analyse your water bills to ensure you get it fixed straight away to save on your business water rates.

We hope this article was of use and has helped give you a few ideas on how to become a more water-efficient business and save yourself money.

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